How To Download Streaming Movies for Free

This article explains how you can download a movie for free which is streaming on a web browser. This tutorial is specifically meant for Gingle, but can be applied anywhere where some movie is streaming, that is, playing directly in your web browser.

It is really simple to download any movie for free from the Internet that is streaming or playing in your browser. Some people call such videos as buffering videos. This page is made for download the streaming or watchable movies from Gingle. Gingle has a watch movies section, where you can watch the movies for free streaming in your browser without the need for any additional software. Its just like you play videos on YouTube, you just press the play button and the movie starts playing with a little buffering if you have a slow internet connection.

We will be needing a software called Internet Download Manager or Free Download Manager for downloading these videos from the file sharing sites that Gingle links to in its watch movies section. You can download the cracked version of 'Internet Download Manager' here and 'Free Download Manager' here.

Here is a video on how to download the watchable movies on Gingle. See how easy it is to get you streaming movie to start downloading. No timers. No waiting!

You just need to press the download button that appears on the top right corner of the video window when your movie starts playing in your browser. The rest is handled by IDM(Internet Download Manager) or FDM(Free Download Manager), whichever of these you are using. They are almost same, so you can use any.

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